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SC Counts partners works to empower, educate, and engage local communities around civic activities like census completion and redistricting. These federally mandated activities impact the most basic parts of every person’s life ranging from school zoning to where emergency services are placed to who represents the community in every elected office. Strengthening avenues for participation ensures all voices are heard at the decision making table.

Our mission doesn’t stop there – we are dedicated to the pursuit of just and fair representation. SC Counts is a vocal platform on social media that works to advertise, assist, and encourage local agencies in their efforts to create a complete count that will shape the decade ahead. We work to ensure that each resident of South Carolina knows their worth as a citizen and the impact that they can have on both the social and political climates of our Palmetto state. SC Counts is proud to be a platform that advocates for the education and advancement of SC residents in the hopes to create a better community for the future.

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